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Minimalist Watering Can


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Contemporary design
Smooth flow + function
Hydrate your plants and garden with ease with this one-of-a-kind watering device. As beautiful as it is ready to work, our Modern Minimalist Watering Can fuses plastic with chromed plastic for a modern European look, created by the artistic minds at Tools®. The pointed design ensures you get an even flow of water when pouring, unlike traditional watering jugs. Discover a design-forward way to water your plants today.
Let water flow
Go modern with our sleek can
Built-in handle
Our sleek triangular can features a stylish gap on the side to act as a handle. Grip with ease to maintain a steady water flow.
Modern color combo
The beautiful white-and-chrome color combo of this modern piece adds a clean touch wherever you store or place it.
Sized for functional storage
Measuring 16.5” x 6.7” (L x W), our watering can (when not in use) works great as a decorative piece.
One pot does it all
This Modern Minimalist Watering Can holds up to 2 liters of water to accommodate all your plants’ water needs, big or small.
Delight with luxe functionality
Surprise new homeowners, just-married couples, and more with the head-turning minimalist design and full-watering function of this sleek Danish-inspired gardening can. It’s as much a functional piece as it is home decor.

11 reviews for Minimalist Watering Can

  1. R***l

    Cool design and great for watering. I like how it looks in the house, very bright! Haven’t had any problems with it yet.

  2. H***d

    I gave this to my 96 year old mother (very much into “contemporary” furniture) and she and her friends LOVE it.

  3. J***e

    This is a great size for an indoor watering can. It is compact and works perfectly. I like the streamlined look, I just wish I could have it in a more interesting color than gray.

  4. M***a

    Wife loves this for watering her plants, which are many in the winter when she brings a variety of potted plants in from the garden. The capacity is just right: enough to water them all but not so heavy she has a hard time watering while reaching out with one hand, which she often has to do because of the corners and nooks where plants have been stashed.

  5. V***y

    Cool design. no spout or handle to get snagged on when not in use. nozzle lines up with a male/female notch, has silicone o rings and does not leak. handle could be located further down the body. pricey. I’m very happy overall.

  6. M***y

    Great design and targeted flower watering possible. Just perfect. The water tank also fits enough water. Highly recommended.

  7. O***r

    It’s pretty! It’s sleek! It’s modern! It holds a lot. It’s fairly ergonomic and surprisingly well-balanced given its bottom-heavy design. It pours well.

  8. K***e

    These are such fun waterers! After receiving this one I ordered a second one. They are precise with watering and hold a very good amount of water. I really like the design too. They have very clean lines and are modern looking. I don’t even feel a need to hide them away in cabinets.

  9. A***a

    It’s beautiful and it works well.

  10. P***a

    This is the best watering can I’ve had. Fills easily from the kitchen sink. Has a teensy hole halfway up the spout which eliminates burping as you pour. Able to pour a very fine and accurate amount of water. Nice size-works for several plants outdoors between fills.

  11. T***m

    Love it! So unique and easy to use.

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