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Solar Angel Outdoor Garden Light


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Enhance the allure of your outdoor space with the ethereal charm of our Angel Outdoor Garden Light, a beacon of tranquility and elegance that adds a touch of celestial grace to your garden, patio, or special memorial area.

Illuminate Your Outdoors with Divine Radiance

Introduce the Solar Angel Outdoor Garden Light to your outdoor sanctuary, a mesmerizing LED lawn stake lamp that not only illuminates but also evokes a sense of peace and serenity. Its gentle glow transforms your outdoor environment into a haven of calm and beauty, radiating a soothing light that captivates and enchants.

Exquisite Features of Angel Outdoor Garden Light

  • Size: 9*13*79cm – Optimal dimensions for visibility and charm.
  • Battery: 1.2V 300mAh – Long-lasting and efficient power source.
  • Solar Panel: 2V 40Ma – Harnessing eco-friendly solar energy for cost-effective operation.
  • Protection Class: IP44 – Ensuring durability and weather resistance against the elements.
  • Lighting Duration: 6-12 hours – Consistent illumination throughout the night for extended enjoyment.
  • Material: High-quality ABS – Sturdy, wear-resistant construction with UV protection for longevity.

Optimal Usage Scenarios for Angel Outdoor Garden Light

Adaptable for various occasions, the Solar Angel Light is perfect for daily garden embellishment, infusing a mystical aura into your yard. It serves as a poignant choice for memorial sites, offering a dignified and serene presence.

During festive seasons like Christmas, it transforms into a heartwarming addition to your outdoor décor, spreading joy and comfort.

The Unique Essence of Our Solar Angel Light

Our Solar Angel Light distinguishes itself through its exceptional design and functionality. Beyond its aesthetic beauty, the angelic motif carries profound symbolism, embodying guardianship and remembrance.

With solar-powered efficiency and robust ABS material construction, it epitomizes eco-friendliness and durability, enduring the elements with grace. The automatic lighting feature adds convenience, illuminating your space at dusk and gracefully dimming at dawn.

Benefits of Garden Light

  • Enhances outdoor aesthetics with an angelic and charming design.
  • Utilizes energy-efficient solar power, reducing electricity expenses.
  • Automatic lighting function simplifies usage and maintenance.
  • Durable build ensures longevity and reliability.
  • Versatile applications in gardens, patios, memorials, and holiday decorations.

Embrace Tranquility in Your Outdoor Haven

Invite a sense of serenity into your garden or pay homage to a cherished memory with our Solar Angel Outdoor Garden Light. Click to adorn your outdoor space with this enchanting luminary, allowing its peaceful radiance to infuse your surroundings with tranquility and grace.

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Solar Angel Outdoor Garden Light
Solar Angel Outdoor Garden Light


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