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Teal Floral Dinnerware Set, 12 Pcs


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Elevate your dining table with the exquisite Teal Floral Dinnerware Set, a 12-piece collection that marries style with durability, introducing the Evie Collection to your home.

Discover Timeless Elegance of Teal Floral Dinnerware Set

Unveil a dining experience like no other with the Teal Floral Dinnerware Set from the Evie Collection. This captivating set features a vibrant teal floral design that adds a touch of rustic charm to your table, transforming every meal into a special occasion. Crafted for those who seek both sophistication and practicality, each piece exudes a unique blend of beauty and resilience.

Exceptional Features to Impress

  • Vibrant Teal Floral Design: Infuse your dining moments with a burst of color and elegance with the captivating teal floral pattern adorning each piece of this set.
  • Durable Corelle Vitrelle Material: Experience unparalleled durability and resistance to chips and breaks, thanks to the premium Corelle Vitrelle material used in crafting this set.
  • Complete Service for Four: Enjoy a complete dining experience with four dinner plates, four appetizer plates, and four bowls, ideal for family gatherings or entertaining guests.
  • Versatile and Kitchen-Friendly: From dishwasher to microwave, freezer to pre-heated ovens up to 350°F, this set offers convenience and safety for all your kitchen needs.
  • Eco-Friendly Composition: Made with up to 80% recycled, pure glass, this set embodies eco-consciousness without compromising on quality or style.
  • Stackable Design: Effortlessly store these sleek and lightweight plates and bowls, optimizing space in your kitchen and adding a touch of organization.

Unveil the Benefits of Teal Floral Dinnerware Set

Why opt for the Evie Dinnerware Set? Here are some compelling reasons:

  • Lasting Durability: With Corelle Vitrelle at its core, this set guarantees longevity, withstanding daily use with grace and resilience.
  • Elegant Versatility: Whether for a formal dinner or a casual family meal, the Evie set effortlessly elevates your table setting with its timeless design.
  • Convenient and Practical: Simplify your meal prep and cleanup routine with this set’s dishwasher and microwave-safe features, catering to your busy lifestyle.
  • Environmentally Responsible: Feel proud of your eco-friendly choice, knowing that this set is crafted from recycled materials and built to last for years to come.

Indulge in Everyday Luxury with Evie

Experience the perfect fusion of style and functionality with the Teal Floral Dinnerware Set from the Evie Collection. Whether it’s a casual breakfast or a celebratory dinner, this set adds a touch of elegance to every dining occasion. Seize the opportunity to enhance your dining experiences – acquire the Evie Dinnerware Set today and savor your meals in unparalleled style!

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Teal Floral Dinnerware Set, 12 Pcs
Teal Floral Dinnerware Set, 12 Pcs
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